Equipment Rental

We’re lucky to have a number of items available to hire to local community-based clubs and organisations.

We understand most clubs have tight budgets and duplicate items owned between clubs – as a result we decided we should make our equipment publically available so when communities or groups are putting on events they have access to equipment without incurring high costs.

If you wish to book equipment, please make an enquiry by filling in this request form. Once we have your request, we’ll be in touch shortly after to arrange the logistics.

While using our equipment we ask that you just return it as you got it originally, we also ask (wherever possible) that a small donation is made to Cranbrook District Rotary Club – this donation is 100% voluntary however and is only asked in good faith.

Items Include

  • Walkie Talkies/2-way radios
  • High Vis Jackets
  • Large Black Bins
  • Safety/Red Plastic Fencing
  • Traffic Cones
  • Power Leads / Extensions
  • Marquees
  • Fire stations
  • Large Gas BBQ