About Cranbrook District Rotary Club

Cranbrook District Rotary Club is a new club based in Cranbrook, Devon, and focuses on community projects both locally, nationally and internationally. With a mixture of women and men of all ages and walks of lives – our sole purpose is to try and better our community whilst building lasting friendships at the same time.


Locally – We carry out a range of activities and projects aimed at improving and building community spirit. This includes community days, children’s discos, santa’s grottos etc.

National – As we’re one of over 1,800 clubs in Great Britain and Ireland we come together for national initiatives such as Know Your Blood Pressure Day

International – Our members carry out a wealth of international programmes and activities all over the world.


The first rotary club was founded in 1905 when four friends met in Chicago, USA to discuss how they could work together to help the wider community.

Cranbrook District and Rotary Club was founded in October 2016 when four Cranbrook Residents came together at Coffee Shop @143 to discuss the very same thing.

Why Join?

Give Something Back – If you enjoy helping others, connecting with Rotary gives you the chance to do something really worthwhile.

Rotary is Enjoyable – We arrange social events and activities. Friendships are made with people who share common values with yourself, whilst having a good time.

Make a Difference – With the support of just under 50,000 other members in the UK any idea, no matter how big or small you have, can be put in place.

What we do

Organise events – Bring people together through activities and projects.

Work with charities and organisations – We work alongside charities and organisations, being able to provide resources, knowledge and expertise.

Share and develop our skills – Enhancing and developing our cultural and social awareness, taking up leadership roles and exchannging knoweldge with fellow members.